Monday, November 11, 2013

Sunshine Blogger Award

What is the Sunshine Blogger Award?

The Sunshine Blogger Award is a way for bloggers to get to know each other and also get other bloggers to link to their website. It's a chance for me to choose some of my friends who brighten my day with their blogs.
First of all, I'd like to thank Deanie Humphrys-Dunne for honoring me with this award. Deanie is a prolific children's author. Stop by her wonderful blog to learn more about her.

I've been very busy and have now found the time to accept Deanie's award.
To accept the Sunshine Award, I have to:
  1. Acknowledge the nominating blogger with a link to the website. 
  2. Share 11 random facts about myself by answering the questions the nominating blogger has created for me.
  3. List 11 bloggers I believe deserve some recognition and a little blogging love! (I can’t nominate the blogger who nominated me.)
  4. Let the 11 bloggers know I nominated them.
  5. Post 11 questions for the bloggers I nominate to answer.
Deanie's Questions:
1. What is your favorite vacation place? Crystal Beach. It's not an exciting destination, but holds thousands of great family memories.

2. What's your favorite dessert? I like all dessert, but I guess my very fave is cheesecake.

3.If you could travel anywhere, where would you like to go? Prague

4. What's your favorite thing to do in your spare time? Walk my dogs

5.What's your favorite holiday? Easter

6. What's your favorite restaurant? Russell's

7. What's your favorite season of the year? Autumn

8. What was the most you this year exciting thing that happened to? My debut novel, Wickedly They Come was released

9. What's your favorite kind of music? I love all music, hard to pick one.

10. If you've visited any foreign countries, which one did you like most? Prague

11.Tell us something about yourself that we probably don't know. I'm allergic to cats, that's why I only have two

Questions for my Nominee's are:

1.  Favorite Color:
2.  Favorite Animal:
3.  Favorite Time of Day:
4.  Favorite Food:
5.  Favorite Writing Time:
6.  Favorite Song:
7.  Are You a Dancer or a Watcher:
8.  Favorite Cookie:
9.  Favorite Movie or Television Show:
10.Favorite Genre:
11.Are You a Day Person or a Night Person

My Nominees are:
Kathleen Bosman
Misha Gericke
Lexa Cain
Nana Prah
Elizabeth Seckman
Aneta Cruz
 Congratulations to all of my awesome nominees and thank you for writing such amazing blogs that lift our spirits.
If any of you are too busy to participate, I understand.


    1. Thanks so much! I'm honored you'd choose me to receive the award!

      I really enjoyed reading all the details about you -- especially that you're allergic to cats and yet you have two! Funny! :-)

    2. Congrats! I laughed about your cats too. :)

    3. Wahoo! I'd say that's the most exciting thing that's happened this year. Can't wait to feature your book for a Writerly Wednesday. Eat cheese, eh?

    4. Congratulations on your award and thanks for nominating me. Do you walk the dogs or do they walk you?

    5. Thank you to everyone and congrats to the nominee's. Nana, I try to walk the dogs, but sometimes they tend to take command....

    6. Congrats on your award and on your book release! We share our favorite season. :) Isn't it a beautiful time of year?

    7. Wahoo for book release excitement!!! That is definitely the best thing for this year! I'm so curious as to why you'd love to go to Prague. :)

      Thanks for nominating me for the award! You're so sweet! I did actually receive it from Ashley Nixon and posted about it last month. But I'm all tickled that you thought of me!!!

    8. congrats on your award.
      I'd love to visit Prague one day.

      1. My daughter's been there and said it's wonderful. The one city that wasn't destroyed in the war.

    9. Congrats!
      Love your answer to 11, sound like my wife we have 3 dogs and a cat.
      She is allergic to, but there her babies...after the kids of course.

    10. Thanks so much for thinking of me for the award! I'll answer the questions here, since I put my blog on hiatus today. :-)

      1) Blue
      2) Cats (at the moment)
      3) Whenever I have peace and quiet to write
      4) Pizza
      5) see answer #3
      6) Depends on the mood or the book I'm writing. But Counting Stars by One Republic has me smiling when it comes on.
      7) Dancer
      8) Anything made of or containing chocolate
      9) Inception
      10) Don't have one
      11) I'm a I-need-to-be-awake-right-now-to-get-this-done person. :-)

      1. Wow, that was quick and easy. Thanks Misha. Great answers!!

    11. Thanks for the award! You definitely bring the sunshine. I think it's awesomely special that you limit your cats to a sneezeworthy number!

    12. Mmmm... cheesecake. Congrats on the award! :)

    13. Wow, what a cool award--congrats! Autumn is my favorite season, too. :)

    14. You love cheesecake, a girl after my own heart! Thanks bunches for the nomination!

    15. Thanks so much, and congrats to you, too!!! I don't know if I'll manage another award post, mainly because the NaNo dashboard is telling me I'm on track to finish by, um, July or something. But I really appreciate it, and I loved reading your answers :) Prague and cheesecake - sign me up!!!

    16. Oo wait can I copy Misha and answer the questions here, too?

      1. Favorite Color: purple!
      2. Favorite Animal: I love them all. No, I really do. I can't pick!
      3. Favorite Time of Day: dusk.
      4. Favorite Food: Bacon. Chocolate. Peanut Butter... I can keep going?
      5. Favorite Writing Time: late afternoon
      6. Favorite Song: just one??? Ok, today's pick is 'Hallelujah', the Jeff Buckley version
      7. Are You a Dancer or a Watcher: Dancer!!
      8. Favorite Cookie: Chocolate chip with sea salt...mmmm
      9. Favorite Movie or Television Show: Again, just one? I thought Six Feet Under was brilliant
      10.Favorite Genre: probably magical realism
      11.Are You a Day Person or a Night Person: I used to be a night person, but I think it's changing...

      1. Great answers Liz. Good Luck with NaNo. I love the Hallelujah song too!

    17. Thank you so much, Cathrina! I'm so honored! <3
      My bf is allergic to cats, yet he would always let his roll over his face, LOL. His eyes would get all watery and puffy.