Monday, May 6, 2013

A Flash Fiction Story

Let me know what you think of my flash fiction story. Comments are always welcome.

Oppressive, prickly pain. It began a few days ago and I’m literally 

going out of my mind. I’d taken the dogs for a romp in the woods, 

and figured I’d trespassed into a toxic bush or plant of some sort.

At first my flesh tingled like a million skittering spiders were 

beneath the surface, I started to scratch. And scratch, and scratch. 

My incessant fingernail abrasions produced scores of welts. I 

looked like a victim of abuse, and felt like one.

Since I looked like a bloated red leper, I’d called in sick to 

work the past two days. Slathering anti-itch lotions and soaking in 

the tub only irritated the condition. When I witnessed the 

proliferating mounds that erupted over my body like a severe case 

of chicken pox, I made a doctor’s appointment for that afternoon.

Suddenly, the obnoxious sting became unbearable. Trembling 

uncontrollably, my ballooning body felt like it was going to explode. 

A quivering lunatic, I clutched my cell phone and keyed in 

911. I then saw a microscopic gap open on my arm, and out 

crawled what looked like a bug, a bug with wings. Swatting at the 

bug, my stomach lurched, I ran into the bathroom.

A scream lodged in my throat as the intense pain shattered my 

brain. Hunched over the commode, an army of arcane insects 

ripped my skin apart and flit about the tiny room. The ubiquitous 

throb somewhat subsided and my flesh resembled a pin-pricked 

cushion of bloody holes.

At the moment, I dragged in a choppy, whimpering breath, and  

heard ominous buzzing. The walls were no longer peachy 

colored, they were black and undulated. 

Vibrating the room like an immense beehive were swarms of bizarre

winged insects. Horrified, I watched them devour one another, 

expanding in size and appeared like ravenous cannibals. 


Run— I thought instantly, run. I jerked, ready to bolt out the door 

when the buzzing melted to a low hum. Looping my eyes around 

the room, the insects seemed to notice my presence. I froze.

The last thing I remember, the bombardment of whirring 

winged insects. And my screams.


  1. Aahhh! So creepy and yet I couldn't stop reading.

  2. That is horrible. I'm shaking my head. The writing was great. The story was just, horrible. I loved it.

    1. Thanks, Nana, and congratulations on your new publication!

  3. Very nice. My only suggestion is to stray from using "I then [insert action here]." The first person gave it a nice personable effect.

  4. You're really good at flash fiction, Cathy. I remember the hot fireman and the kitchen fire :)

    I loved this one. Horror is my first love!

  5. Oh my gosh, this literally gave me the chills. It was like reading my worst nightmare! Great work, Cathy! :)

  6. Geesh Cathrina,
    I'm sure glad that was fiction and you are not truly suffering from such a malady. Nothing like being the host of a hostile take over from the bug kingdom. Icky bug!

    Fun story liked the bloated red leper line.

    Blessings, Margot

  7. Sign of a really good story...I am totally creeped out right now!

  8. The poor thing. One only hopes relief from the pursuit and insects has found our narrator now.

  9. Yikes! Pretty horrific (the story, not the writing!) and I like how you ramped up the pace towards the end!

  10. very good and super creepy! I would suggest to watch for verbs ending with -ing. At times simple past tense would be enough.
    Love the story, hate the bugs. :o)

  11. Creepy and well done! I agree on the "ing" comment. Good story!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  12. Bugs, we all hate them. What a great theme!