Thursday, February 14, 2013

St. Valentine's Day - Just another day!

I like Valentine's Day! I loved exchanging those cute little animated cards in elementary school. 

Remember when it was called St. Valentine's Day? How'd we lose the St.? All the hype is kind of interesting, I think. And it makes me laugh. We all need a good laugh. I don't binge or give in to the day, it's just another day. 

In my experience, I've seen guys get freaked-out with Valentine's Day. Thousands of thoughts start rolling around in their pea brains  like: 'Do I have to get my girl something?' or 'Geez, I don't have any money, do I still have to get my friend something?' And commercialism doesn't help the situation. Every single jewelry commercial advertises you're a scumbag if you don't buy your wife, girlfriend, or significant other a diamond something or other. That's the rub!!!

If you have a significant other, love just being together, even if it means sitting in front of your television set eating popcorn and enjoying a movie. Or if you are dreaming of that special someone indulge in a big bowl of ice cream and keep dreaming, your day will come!

Valentine's Day is pure Love. We should Love each and every day! Make it a daily event! 


  1. Here here (or is it hear?) Constantine. But we must remember to eat some chocolate, but that can be everyday too :)

  2. Absolutely,melt in your mouth chocolate, yummy!!

  3. Heh! Good thing Ash Wednesday was YESTERDAY. Wouldn't want anything to interfere with the chocolate intake today.
    Lovely reminder, Cathrina. When you're in a relationship, especially if it's a long-standing one, it's important to put a little Valentine's into every day.

  4. Ha, can you tell I've been in a long relationship? Still sparks,though! Everyone could use a tad of spontaneity, and, of course, chocolate?

  5. I must respectively apologize for saying guys have pea brains. Not true. It was written at a stressful moment of the day. My hubby came home with the cutest card and jelly beans because he actually remembered I was giving up chocolate for lent. Although, I'd made a pact with God for a dispensation on Valentine's Day, oh well. To all the men I offended, I'm sorry!!