Monday, February 18, 2013

Igniting the Fire!

A couple of years ago when I was banging my head on the computers keyboard, my daughter introduced me to a teaching book on writing that I found great comfort and inspiration for my style of creativity: 

I read,  'I can only see a short distance into my story. It's like driving your car in the dark with the headlights on. I can only see so far into the light as to the path I'm taking.' (Not exact quotes from the book) That little phrase helped me in more ways than one. 

 However, many times I've veered off the path onto another journey or hit a bump in the road or fell into a crater! 

I've read about authors creating outlines for their novels and that truly amazes me. Because my headlights are usually spearing through a fog or a smattering of snowflakes. And I thought I'd never accomplish writing a novel without a clear cut outline of some kind. I was so wrong.

I see my creative mind as a spark igniting, and I try my best to add fuel to the fire. Oftentimes the fire just smolders and I get brain freeze. Then one hallelujah day the words coalesce and the spark roars into a bonfire. 

With my debut novel, Wickedly They Come is in it's first round of edits. I'm clearly in the beginning stages of becoming a published author. With each written word I can only hope in achieving confidence and the acclaimed status of being called a good author.     


  1. Pantser vs planner (the two do not always see eye to eye because their ways of writing are so different) and yet the outcome tends to be a finished product (I would say good, but I can't always do that- neither for a pantser nor a planner)

  2. I'm 100% pantser. I'v never written an outline in my life. I'd rather write and edit and rewrite. That's what works for me. Good luck with your edits. That's exciting :)

  3. Thanks, Nana and Debbie for your comments. It make me feel better knowing I'm not rowing the boat alone.