Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Prah, Constantine, Baryeh Review #speculativefiction #paranormal

After a short reprieve the team is back! 
Some months are harder than others to choose a book we all agree on reviewing. This month of May, after much consultation we picked 
GUARDIAN OF THE GRAIL (Immortal Blood-Book One) 
by Elena Bryce

Before vampires, they were Guardians, drinking the sacred blood of the Holy Grail, and sworn to protect it through the ages. 

When Lachlan Thorn is entrusted with the task of relocating the Grail to a castle in the Scottish Highlands, he requires the help of a witch to conceal it on the perilous journey. Unfortunately for him, the only one available is Ivy, who is untrained and a descendant of the woman who broke his heart. 

For Ivy, helping to protect the Grail gives her a chance to do something good with her magic and learn more about it. But once the Grail is out in the open it draws the attention of both vampires and vampire hunters alike, and before long Ivy is facing an ancient and powerful foe that she has no chance of escaping. 

Forced to tap into the deeper magic, Ivy must travel through time, linking with her ancestors and experiencing witch trials to take on the power that is her heritage. She might also learn the startling truth about her connection to Lachlan. 

A Grail Quest, a deadly enemy, and a love that transcends time. 
Action packed Urban Fantasy. Grab your copy now! 

Cathrina's Review:

Over the years I've watched dozens of vampire movies. Some good,  some great, and some not so great. Even as far back as the old black and white versions with the famous Bela Lugosi. However, I've only read a handful of vampire books, including the Twilight Series. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the Christian twist that the author, Elena Bryce incorporated into her book. It was totally unique and refreshing to read. The pace is fast and action packed and a romance which helped to keep my interest. 

We have a young pretty witch, and a handsome man who looks like he's in his twenties, but in actuality he's ancient, and another immortal that's willing to kill everything in sight in order to acquire the holy grail.

The story goes all the way back to Joseph of Aramethea, a disciple of Jesus, and his quest to keep the holy grail safe from evil hands. Guardians drink blood from the grail which make them immortal. Their main purpose is to protect the grail. They become known as vampires, but not all vampires are good. The sections of the book where it explains the different kind of vamps was intriguing and like I said before~unique, which is why this story stands apart from the rest.

Now off to read Nana and Empi's reviews...


  1. Great review! I love vampires and can never resist checking out a story that features 'em. Elena's take on vampire mythos sounds unique, for sure...

  2. Interesting! I'm not a fan of vampire stories, but a crapton of people are, so I know these types of books do really well.

    1. I'm not normally into vampire stories either. When I realized we had chosen one I thought about going back to the group and asking for a different book pick. But then I started reading and it was really intriguing.

  3. Fantastic review. You were right on point.

  4. Great review, Cathrina. I think we differ on some issues but I agree about the uniqueness of the plot

  5. Great job on the review, Cathrina. I'm sure the author appreciates it a great deal.