Friday, August 19, 2016

#CTST Celebrate The Small Things

Celebrate the Small Things
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Everyone with children and young adults are gearing up for back to school or back to college. It's a whirlwind of supplies and shopping sprees and tears. For some mothers & fathers it's tears of joy, while others, tears of sadness like my next door neighbor. Their daughter is leaving for Kent State in Ohio, that's a 5 hour drive from West Seneca.

This weekend we're hoping to make it to the final days of the Erie County Fair. 

 I used to love the midway and all its rides. Now I'm more of a walk through to the tents of goodies...

What could be better than upsetting your diet with eating awesome junk food....
One of my favorite sections of the fair has always been the plethora of animals...

Have a nice weekend!!!
What are your small celebrations?


  1. One day of really bad eating is allowed!
    I don't ride fair rides either. I don't trust any ride that's taken apart and put together on a regular basis.

    1. So true!!!! When my husband was a teen, he used to help put up the rides, ever since then he said, never ride them....

  2. Sounds like so much fun. My son's not so interested in the animals anymore, but he got to see his first demolition derby at the fair this year. Have a terrific weekend!

  3. Yay! Our state fair is coming up in a few weeks. My favorite has always been the animals, and having a binge on anything fried and/or sugary. Although this year we may hold off, and travel one state over for the Ren Faire.

  4. I don't ride fair rides either and I had to laugh at your husband's warning after he worked on them. That's kind of what I've always thought about them LOL.
    Hope you enjoy a great weekend at the fair!!

  5. I used to love the rides, it's all about food and people watching!

  6. The Erie County Fair sounds like a lot of fun! Hope you guys are able to make it there this weekend. And that animal picture you shared is just so precious...aww...

  7. I love the Ferris Wheel pic! I've been to a few fairs, and yes, the food is delicious but blows the diet to bits. LOL!

  8. Our Champlain Valley Fair is coming up starting Aug. 26th. I used to do some of the crazy rides when I was a kid. I don't know what I was thinking. I'm thankful my kids don't want to do them. We still do the ferris wheels and bumper cars and things like that, though. Love all the animals. And the food! Maple donuts and creemees and fried dough... oh, my! My son loves the double figure 8 race and demolition derby, too. Have fun at the fair!

  9. Oh, I love fairs! The rides and atmosphere and food...and food...yeah, I love that total unhealthy food :)

  10. Oh crap...I just remembered that I have to go school supply shopping. The joys of being a procrastinating mother! Hope you enjoyed the fair and had a great weekend!