Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Prah, Constantine, Baryeh Review A Breath of Fresh Air #romance #novella

This month the team picked a short novella: 
A Breath of Fresh Air 
by Kalyssa Powell

An African American Romance Story by Kalyssa Powell!  

Air Robertson was fine with dreaming of the perfect guy, the perfect romance, and the perfect life. But after she meets her dream guy, her own sense of doubt tries to sabotage her growing feelings for this wonderful man. How can someone as handsome and charming as Corey Travis still be single? Air wants to believe that it is fate, but she can’t be sure. 

All the while, strange things have been happening around Air’s apartment. From her front door getting vandalized to her cell receiving strange text messages, Air has no idea what to make of these occurrences. Are they merely harmless pranks? Or is there something more going on? 

Amidst awkward beginnings, dealing with the past, and falling in love, Air learns that there is no such thing as the perfect guy. But she also learns that when it comes to true love, no one needs a perfect guy to be happy. 

Cathrina's Review: 

While A Breath of Fresh Air is considered a novella, it's very short, a mere 40 pages. For this reason I understand how quickly the author had to get her main characters together after a brief meeting at the grocery store.

Ms. Powell tries her best to squish as much as possible into these pages, but I felt it was rushed. It could've been expanded with more feeling and storyline. 

All in all it's a cute quick read. 

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  1. I agree about it being rushed. There was no depth to it.

  2. Yes, it did feel rushed and didn't provide enough time to really explore the characters and plot.