Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Prah, Constantine, and Baryeh Review: For the Love of Chocolate #romance

Hello, and Welcome to Another Month Of the 
Prah, Constantine, and Baryeh Review.

This month we chose this sweet romance, 
For the Love of Chocolate
 by Susan Ann Wall

Maddie Carson has taken a sacred vow to give up chocolate and dating. A comfort eater who turns to brownies every time her twin brother is deployed with the army, Maddie has twenty pounds to lose before she can once again date like it's an Olympic sport. She and her best friend are on a mission to open an equine assisted therapy center and Maddie is desperate to work through her body image issues in order to be the best therapist she can be. When the fitness buff at the gym - known as Hot Shirtless Guy - not only teaches her proper technique on the rowing machine but also asks her to dinner, Maddie finds herself struggling to stay on the wagon. To complicate matters, Darren Brown (yes, his name is the root word in “brownie”) is trying to buy the same horse as Maddie and offers to buy in on a partnership to open the therapy center. Maddie fell in love with the mare because of her name and gentle demeanor, but Darren’s tragic relationship with Chocolate has Maddie questioning her own motives. When partnering with Darren becomes a financial necessity, Maddie will discover that by giving her heart, she can achieve all her dreams.

Cathrina's Review:

For the Love of Chocolate captured my interest on the first page when the author wrote: Hot Shirtless Guy with a double horseshoe tattoo on his chest. (I paraphrased) While that one sentence doesn't encompass the entire book, it urged me to go on. 

By the next page, I was chuckling when Hot Shirtless Guy was trying to help our mc, Maddie on how to manage the rowing machine at the gym. 
"You have to aim for the nipples," he says.
As if an invitation, her nipples tightened and tingled, the sensation swirling around the large curves, heading south in a rush.
I dearly loved this sentence: The man had dimples a girl could fall into and never find her way out.

If you've read the blurb then I need not repeat it. I certainly can relate to Maddie's comfort food and chocolate obsession. Who doesn't love all that? Well, most people. And the need to lose weight before she begins to date again has her warding off the sexy and handsome Darren, AKA, Hot Shirtless Guy.

When Maddie soon discovers that Darren is trying to buy the horse named Chocolate, which she so desires, things get complicated, especially after she learns the reasoning behind Darren's wish to purchase Chocolate. 

It turns out that Maddie is her own worst enemy. She's very critical of herself and her body. (Which I can also relate) It takes Darren several attempts to get Maddie to agree on a date, and even then she's not very cooperative. But inwardly, she's so freaking hot for the guy, the author, Ms. Wall plays out these sequences with brilliant quips that had me laughing out loud.

I really liked For The Love of Chocolate and would recommend the book to those who love romance.

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  1. "You have to aim for the nipples," he says. was certainly one of the lines that made me chuckle. Shameless! and oh so hot :-)
    I don't have a sweet tooth, at least not on Maddie's level so I definitely didn't relate with that, but after giving birth, I most certainly could relate with the need to get back in shape. Great review. I think this was a good choice

  2. Excellent review. I enjoyed your new style. The book was a hoot. I did want to shake Maddie for giving up chocolate, though.