Thursday, July 2, 2015

Prah, Constantine, Baryeh #Review #Fantasy

It's that time of the month when our team posts our reviews. 
This month I picked 
Emily Cyr's 
The Lightning Prophecy 

Delaney Hagen’s power to control lightning is unique, even among witches. That uniqueness has caused her to run and hide from her kind - and the other supernatural beings in the world. Finally, after years of running, she feels safe enough to settle down. But her life’s calm is completely destroyed when her best friend is murdered. Delaney teams up with the mysterious and sexy Reid Jamison to figure out just what is going down in her world. Delaney will have to make a choice between her life and love. Will she be the product of a prophecy or will her fate be changed?Reid Jamison knew this case wouldn't be easy. But, with the money the Coven was throwing at him, how could he say no? When he met Delaney Hagen, his whole world began to unravel. Faced with a prophecy, murders, love and betrayal, will Reid be able to hang on to this new world? Or will it slip away?

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Cathrina's Review:

The author, Emily Cyr developed an enjoyable read with an edge of mystery. The alpha males were outstanding and that alone kept my interest. The Lightning Prophecy held a definite twist to my way of thinking of witches and werewolves. I didn't expect that thing to happen at the end, and since I never leave spoilers, I guess you'll just have read The Lightning Prophecy to find out.

I look forward to her next book...

Now let's hop over to Nana Prah and Empi Baryeh to read their review. 


  1. Lol. I know what you mean about that thing. It totally blindsided me, too.

  2. LOL @that thing. This book was definitely a surprise

  3. great review and i love that there are three of you sharing your thoughts - like a mini book club and we get to listen in!
    thanks! sounds like a fun read!