Thursday, June 4, 2015

Prah, Constantine & Baryeh Reviews: Choices of the Heart

This month the review team read 
by Kelsey MacBride. 

Lauren Bradley wants to find true love and goes about experimenting with online dating and attending church singles groups to find the perfect Godly man. But her efforts are met with disaster and her frustration grows as she becomes impatient waiting for God to bring the right man into her life. She decides to become an entrepreneur and purchase Emilia’s, an Italian restaurant. But her goals of buying the restaurant are thwarted by Andrew, a handsome man who also wants the restaurant for himself. Lauren is attracted to Andrew, but becomes involved with her boss, knowing he may not be the man God intended for her.
Andrew has had a passion for cooking since childhood, spending lots of time in the kitchen with his mother. Now he wants to switch from being a teacher, to fulfilling his lifelong dream of owning a restaurant. But there’s one problem, he’s attracted to Lauren and has to fight her for Emilia’s. Will he fulfill his lifelong dream at the expense of driving Lauren away? Or will he sacrifice his dream and compete with her boss for the chance at true love?

Cathrina's Review:

I'm a Christian and proud of it! And I've read plenty of Non-
Fiction Christian books, but I believe this is my first Fiction 
Christian Romance.

I read some of the reviews for Choices of the Heart 
and chuckled. Especially one that said the main character, 
Lauren was manipulative and deceptive. Never did this sweet 
romance say anything about the main character being a nun 
or holier than though. Wait I regress, even nun's have been 
known to be manipulative and deceptive. Like most women, 
Lauren was trying to figure out life and her hearts desire.
With that said, I'd like to say Choices of the Heart is a sweet 
read and if you read the blurb like I always ask people to do, 
then you know the premise of the story.
While in this day and age it sounds strange to read this: 
Andrew to Lauren:

"I feel you're the one God designed for me." or "I knew deep 

down you were the soul mate God had given to me.

Sweet, right?
But again, it clearly states Choices of the Heart is a Christian 
Romance and I believe that to be perfectly true.
And just like any normal person, the two main characters felt 
passion and desire which makes the book more real. 

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  1. Thanks for the review on this one. I'm glad the book seems real, as sometimes Christian writers forget that the characters are also human.

  2. Great review, Cathy. Just because she's Christian doesn't mean she's perfect. And she wasn't.