Monday, March 16, 2015


The Six Word Story was inspired by Ernest Hemingway.

Can you write a Six Word Story? 

Here are some examples I found on the internet: 

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

Our bedroom: Two voices. I knock.

Cancel my funeral, Dad. I'm back.

It's all over: Surgery; Chemotherapy; Life.

Hated kids. Met preschooler. Future mother.

First date, awkward smiles, rewarding kiss.

Let's have some fun: 

If you wish to participate write your Six Word Story in the comments below. 


  1. Cathrina, those are some great six word stories. That first one makes my heart stop.

  2. That's tough. Here's my best effort - Born twice, you die only once.

  3. A challenge! Loved the ones you had as examples. Very touching. Mine: Flowers wilted, broken heart. Nobody came.

  4. How's this - No smelling sense, that really stinks. :)

  5. Here's one from me: Seeds planted, flowers blooming, petals withering.

  6. This is tough, but very inspiring....

    A journey begins, a lifetime ends.

  7. The third example about the funeral punched me, but in a good way.

    Let me give it a try....

    Empty house, ghosts roam for free.

  8. That first six-word story breaks my heart. Also, I really love the funeral one. So curious about the backstory for that one, LOL.

  9. Hahaha I struggle to write 6 thousand word stories, so it'll take me hours to figure out a six word one. ;-)

  10. The chocolate is calling my name.

    And that's a true story!

  11. I've seen the baby shoes before and it always breaks my heart. The "It's all over" also got to me. Very touching and so sad.
    I'm no good at writing these kinds of things but loved reading them.

  12. The baby shoes one always gets to me. Heart-stopping. I'll also opt out, because I can't do brevity to save my life! ;)