Saturday, April 26, 2014

A to Z: Letter W

The War of the Worlds
by H.G.Wells
We've had a few movie adaptions with this novel.
The first movie was released in 1953. My favorite movie was released in 2005 starring Tom Cruise.
Personally I liked the movie.

Movie Preview:

Trivia: Who played Tom Cruises daughter in the movie?

Yesterday's Trivia Answer: Kenneth Branagh

This month is slipping by I can't believe there's only three days left to the challenge! Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. That blond girl--can't remember her name. Wait--Dakota Fanning, right? She was in so many movies they made fun of it on SNL by doing a Dakota Fanning Talk Show!

  2. I didn't see this one either.... This feels very familiar. Didn't I just type this yesterday? And the day before? And the day before that??? ha!

    Yes, thank goodness the Challenge is almost over. I am worn out.

  3. Yeah, Dakota Fanning.
    The original still looks good for a film that's over sixty years old. Really set the standard back in the day.

  4. As much as I love Tom, I've never seen this movie.

  5. I've never seen this film, but I've heard the broadcast by Orson Wells that sent people into the streets in panic. It's hard to believe that they didn't know it was a drama.

  6. I read this with tears in my eyes, you see my late husband adored the cd War Of The World especially the song Forever Autumn. He'd did play it in the car whenever possible. Although he left this world nearly 16 years I still get tearful. He passed away in an Autumn so that song was played at the end of the funeral. I have not seen the film, that I couldn't do.

  7. I liked the movie a lot, too. I recently rewatched it.

  8. I've never read this, or seen any of the adaptations. Um...oops? XD

  9. I've seen the film. It's good. I haven't read the original thought. Drat!