Friday, September 6, 2013

Guest Author: Dave Jackson

I'm thrilled to have Dave Jackson on my blog today. Author of a much anticipated debut novel, Tattoo Rampage due to be released on September 15th!
Tattoo Rampage, Dave's debut novel, is represented for film by Hotchkiss and Associates, the same agency that saw Secretariat, The Kite Runner, and recently Joe Hill's Horns from novels to movies. 

Evangelina Marquez-James gets her first tattoo, a symbol of courage to carry on after her husband dies in the line of duty as a police officer. The skin art is of an elite yet obscure super heroine created by a forgotten 1940s artist.
A solar disturbance triggers a metamorphosis in her new ink, enabling Evangelina with the ability to transform into the embodiment of the character complete with powers. She sets out to wage war against the types of vermin who murdered her husband.
Acid, a sociopathic killer who can assume the form of his warlord tattoo, seeks the artist’s original sketchbook. When Evangelina comes into possession of the drawing pad, Acid not only tracks it down, but her family as well, forcing her into a standoff with his nightmarish army born of ink.

Curiosity Quills Press plans to release Tattoo Rampage September 15th of 2013. It will be available on all E readers.

Let's get familiar with Dave:

CC: Dave, I recently read that you’re a stand-up comic. Can you share one of your favorite jokes or monologues with us?

DJ: At weddings my relatives used to come up to me and say, "You're next." I finally got them to hush when I said the same thing to them at funerals.

CC: Besides being a stand-up comic, I also read that you are a songwriter and guitarist. Since you can’t actually sing or strum for us in this interview, would you like give us a tiny example of your song writing, or what type of music you enjoy?

DJ: Baby, I'd like to know you better Lady, it might be now or never So let me break the ice this way and take this little song and say I'd like to know you better
And I do an impersonation of Willie Nelson on my blog for those who want to hear the nasally tones and a strum.

CC: What made you decide, or inspired you to pen your awesome novel, Tattoo Rampage?

DJ: You're too kind. Tattoos are cool. Or should I say hot? It seemed to me that they could become a whole new genre of fiction.

CC: Can you give us a sneak peek into your writing? Like a teaser?

DJ: On command, his tattoos spewed away from his body in arcs that touched down in a circle around him. The ink of each image drained from its claimed location to shape into amplified, living things—his children. First to form was the homage to Jack the Ripper. Like a glass filling, the ink swirled in an outline of a caped Victorian gentleman carrying a cane. Then his head rose out of the muck, modeling a Van Dyke beard, twisted smile, bloodshot eyes, and top hat. Jack was always the ringleader when Acid needed to call on his scratchers. Another stream finished its tributary, the barbarian. Even though this brute served as the muscle of the mob, he didn’t have the body-sculpted physique of the comic character. Rather, Acid had insisted on a rendition that a true barbarian would have looked like. A smudged face brooded from under a hood of matted hair. Broad shoulders flexed under a wrap made of sheep’s pelt. His chipped and ragged sword stood at the ready in his hands to slaughter a meal or threat. This prehistoric hunter better represented the primal rage that lurked in the soul of every human. Acid felt particular pride for this tattoo statement. If Randall and June Myers had been astonished before, their minds had to be blown now. They gawked at the circle of characters born from Acid’s skin art as if the apocalypse had come.

CC: Is it true Tattoo Rampage will be made into a movie? Can you give us some of the thrilling details?

DJ: Tattoo Rampage is being pitched to studios/directors/actors and the like. I guess Jody Hotchkiss, the film rep, is pretty good friends with Brad Pitt. Anyway, Mr. Hotchkiss is an impressive gentleman and I believe he'll find a home for my humble manuscript.

CC: It sounds like you have a full plate, what’s next on your agenda?

DJ: Promote.
I'll be helping drum up submissions and writing the foreword for an anthology of shorts stories entitled Tattoo Tales to be published by Curiosity Quills. Writers, keep in touch with me for future details on submissions. The project is just now getting started.

CC: Any sarcastic-witticism’s you’d like to share to newbie writers like myself?

DJ: Someone once said, "In order to know joy, one must know pain." That's why I do a lot of awful things to my protagonist so in the end, he or she will be happy.

Hotchkiss and Associates, Inc. is a literary agency representing books, articles, and life story rights for adaptation to feature films, 
television movies, scripted television series, and reality television series.

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  1. Great interview! I am so intrigued by Tattoo Rampage now. The premise is so unique!

    1. Heather, being an artist yourself,this book is probably perfect for you.

  2. Great to meet Dave and the book sounds great. How exciting about the film!

    Have a great weekend, Cathy. :)

  3. I approve of tattoos with magical powers. That sounds fun.

  4. Nice "meeting" Dave! I'm still laughing at the "You're next" comeback lol

    Life is wonderful. Yay for celebrating it ;)

  5. Thank you, Michael.

    Great to meet you, Julie.

    Hope the laughter carries you through the day, S.K.

    Have to go to work now. Will check in tonight. :)

  6. Hello Julie and Dave... I loved the interview and I adore that book cover!

    Shah X

  7. Dave, your book cover is hot and the story sounds like it's full of action. Thanks for the joke, I may try it out.

  8. Thank you, Shah and Nana.

    Hot. That's the first time I've heard the cover called hot. I like that.

    Gusto Dave

  9. Great job on the interview, Catherina! You can't go wrong celebrating life! We all should do that more often, I think. Happy weekend,everyone.

  10. I really like the idea of tatoos jumping off the skin and coming alive. Not sure I want a Jack-the-ripper chasing me though.


  11. This sounds like such a cool read! Great to meet another Curiosity Quills author, too! :)