Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Guest Author: Kathy Bosman

I'm pleased to have the remarkable author Kathy Bosman visiting today.

Kathy started off writing children's books, and then evolved into a prolific novelist of inspirational and sweet contemporary romance. 

I've asked Kathy a few questions for you to get to know her better. 

Kathy how much of You is in the stories you write?
I think I put a few details or foibles of myself in my characters but I also like to make them unique. Some of my life experiences and feelings about things may come out into my books. They say we should write what we know. Generally, I stick to settings I’m vaguely familiar with. But I love entering a fantasy world where it’s all fiction. I love making totally unique characters who don’t exist in my life.

From start to finish, how long until you complete a manuscript?
Besides my Nano novel, I take about four to six months to write a book and then a week or so to edit it which I like to do after I’ve stepped away from it for a while. Every book is different though. Some of them flow fast and others take time or life gets in the way. Some books have been rewritten several times so have taken much longer. Cosmetic Heart took just over a month because it was my Nanowrimo novel from last year. It needed lots of editing though.

Do you find the editing and revision tedious? Or does it make you thrive?
It entirely depends on the editor I work with, how difficult the changes are, and what my time schedule is. Editing can be fun but most of the time, I find it quite stressful because I begin to dislike my book and see all the things wrong with it. The pendulum seems to swing from excitement to severe self-doubt during the editing process.

What is your inspiration?
Reading a good novel or watching a great movie. And there’s nothing like release day! Fellow writers who encourage me or readers who love my books and write a good review make the journey so much happier.

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment?
I’m gobsmacked at obtaining my first publishing contract in September last year. Since then, the contracts have been coming. I think that achievement has made the path so much straighter for me to get books out there.

What's next in your life? Any future goals?
My goal is to have lots of books out there that readers love. I’m working on a series book – book no 2 of The Creators series. Dragonfly Moments came out with Decadent Publishing in May 2013 and was no 1 of the series. I would like to write book 3 some time, too, so those are my focus at the moment. My ultimate dream is to write a best seller one day.

Tell us about your book.
Cosmetic Heart is a sweet, contemporary romance set in Africa. Lisa Heddly is a make-up artist at a top magazine in Pretoria, South Africa, but she really wants to be a journalist. She writes in her spare time, but is too scared to ask for a promotion from her intimidating boss, Dan Loriet, the executive editor of the magazine. At the beginning of the book, he asks her to pose as his fiancée who left him so he can save face with his family in exchange for what Lisa wants. Lisa sees this as her opportunity to work toward that promotion. She doesn’t realize that she will fall for her playboy boss and for his family. Dan soon discovers that Lisa is very special and a growing attraction develops. Unfortunately, her secrets cause a rift between them and Lisa’s strong independent streak makes it hard for their relationship to survive. Will Dan be able to break through the barriers Lisa has put over her heart?

 What advice can you offer writers?
Write and write and write. Keep on trying if you haven’t obtained that contract and take as much advice as possible about your work. I’m still learning lots about my writing and think the more I write and work with editors, the more I learn. And be willing to try out new genres – you may discover a whole new world of possibility out there for you.

Where is your favorite writing spot?

On Tuesday afternoons, I drop my daughter off at Cubs and sit in the car all by myself for an hour to an hour and a half. Without internet connection on my computer or any other distractions except for some gum or another snack, I get my best writing done.

Lisa works for a top South African magazine as the make-up artist, but writes articles on the quiet. When the chief editor, Daniel, asks for her help in posing as his ex-fiancée to save face with his family, Lisa agrees, hoping to obtain a promotion in return. She doesn’t expect to fall for the handsome editor nor to fit in with his family who love her unconditionally. But Lisa has more secrets, and she doesn’t believe in love and family. After Daniel finds out her secrets, will his forgiveness and determination be enough to cut through all the layers Lisa has put over her heart?

You can find Kathy's books here:

Thanks so much for hosting me!!

It was my pleasure, Kathy. And I wish you great success and the best of luck!


  1. That was a great interview Cathy and Kathy (lol). I'm gobsmacked (he he he). Cosmetic hearts looks like a great read, I do enjoy a good fake romance that turns real. Congratulations on your release Kathy.

  2. Lovely to find out much more about you, Kathy. Congratulations on your latest book release and wishing you loads of sales!

  3. I like question # 3 and also the answer. Editing is always a challenge.