Monday, April 1, 2013

A Prah and Constantine Review: Treasured Chest

If you are enthralled with movies like The Black Swan, Captains Courageous, and the blockbuster, Pirates of the Caribbean, then you'll love this novel by Zrinka Jelic---Treasured Chest.

A swashbuckling, sword slinging pirate novel that makes one feel you're on board the Strega. A xebec, a three-masted lateen-rigged vessel, filled with disadvantaged women and commandeered by the legendary Sirena.

 Zrinka's descriptions of the vessel are so precise it's amazing; more reasons to feel your watching a movie in your head. 

I couldn't help but snicker when I read such phrases as 'Arrrrgh,' and 'scurvy dogs,' and the best, 'Blistering barnacles did the bilge rat make it?'

The story unfolds on the Adriatic Sea in the 1700's with the main character, Carmen, being designated the new legendary captain---Sirena, upon the old captain's death. You can almost smell the pungent odor of gunpowder and hear the singing of sword play as the women of the Strega battle their enemies.

Not only is there action on the high seas, but also blood churning action between Sirena and the wildly handsome Captain Marko. You immediately fall for Marko with his blond locks curling into his eyes, and long slung ponytail. A well known womanizer, can Marko be tamed by the virulent, commander of the Strega

Read Treasured Chest and be thoroughly entertained with a blazing swashbuckler and a hot romance rolled into one.

My pic to play the dashing Marko.
Who Else??

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  1. Excellent review. Cathy. You hit the nail on the head when you said it felt like we were on the ship. Zrinka has done an amazing job writing an adventurous high seas romance novel. Not fair with your Marko. I love Wesley (aka the Dread Pirate Roberts). But I'm pretty sure Zrinka's going to choose my Marko.

  2. I love your tag team reviews :) Treasured Chest was a great read. I'll let you ladies fight over Marko. I pictured him as someone else...

  3. Great reviews, ladies. I'm pleasantly surprised and quite impressed. You both picked great guy for Captain Marko and I'm having a hard time to chose myself.Let me sit on it for a while.

  4. Great interview, Cathy and Nana. Zrinka, well done :)

  5. I think I love Constantine's Marko. He has the hard mean and lean looks of a ruggedly handsome sailor. Great review

    1. Thanks everyone for your comments. We all need a pirate in our lives now and then. Especially Marko!