Monday, March 4, 2013

A Prah & Constantine Review

Nana Prah and Cathrina Constantine have come together to offer a two sided, opinionated review: 

The book we've chosen is Crazy Little Thing by Tracy Brogan. 

Without collaborating on our personal views, we'll each offer our separate opinions on our blogs, and then start a short discussion. Everyone and anyone can offer a comment and ask questions.

I guess we've started our own forum of Siskel and Ebert!

Crazy Little Thing by author Tracy Brogan:

After reading the first sentence I was not impressed. I'd then wished Nana and I had agreed on a different read. (However I persisted, and was glad I did!)  Discovering her attractive, yet philandering husband was having illicit affairs, Sadie Turner was scarred with some mental repercussions. A year after her divorce, Sadie was having terrible trust issues with men. (Go Figure!) 

Sadie and her two children vacation at her eccentric Aunt Dody's beach house. It was to be a time of healing and getting her head together. (I immediately started getting involved, and was enjoying the characters)

At certain junctures in the book, poor Sadie tends to be her own worst enemy. (I laughed and cringed) As the reader, I flinched and had secondhand embarrassment at some of her misconceptions of a sexy, handsome doctor named Desmond, who came off as the dream of a lifetime for any woman. 

I must admit, in the end, I really liked this book. Crazy Little Thing was entertaining and actually had me laughing out loud. Especially when searching for an appropriate pair of underwear or attempting not to think about the phallic implications while peeling a carrot and eavesdropping on the conversation between her aunt and the intriguing Desmond. (you'll know what I'm talking about when you read the book)

Tracy Brogan writes with quick humorous wit and I thoroughly expect everyone will be entertained and have a couple of hearty giggles with this read, I know I did!  

Now hop over to Nana Prah's blog to read her review:

Book Description:

 October 23, 2012
If Sadie Turner is good at anything, it’s putting stuff in order. So when she finds her “perfect” life in disarray, she hopes a summer vacation at her aunt’s lake house will help her piece it back together. She wants to relax, reboot, and heal the wounds left by her cheating ex-husband. And that requires time away from men. All men.
Or so she thinks.
With two slobbering dogs and two cousins living there—one a flamboyant decorator intent on making over Sadie—it’s hard to get a moment’s peace at eccentric Aunt Dody’s house, especially with everyone so determined to set her up with Desmond, the sexy new neighbor.
Desmond is Sadie’s worst nightmare. Tall, tanned, muscular…and to top it off, he’s great with her kids. But he must have a flaw—he’s a man—so Sadie vows to keep her distance.
As summer blazes on, the life Sadie is trying so hard to simplify only becomes more complicated—a new career presents itself, her evil ex haunts her, and Aunt Dody reveals a tragic secret—but maybe a little chaos is just what Sadie needs to get her life back in order.



  1. Okay, so between you and Nana, you've just about got me convinced. Actually, your review is helpful b/c it tells me to KEEP READING, which I often don't do when a book starts out a little wonky.
    Nice idea with the dual reviews...

  2. Awesome Review Catherina. I mean it was great, very well written. I'm going to have to steal the top part for our next review. Siskel and Ebert- laughing.

  3. Here is my embarrassing moment. It's nowhere near as funny as Sadie's experiences, but it's all mine.
    I can usually hold my liquor, but the guy I was dating took me to a New Year’s party and I drank a huge plastic cup of Sherry (it was so delicious). I was a little tipsy (maybe drunk) by the end of the night. My boyfriend at the time didn’t think I was the most beautiful girl in the world, so during my little inebriation stint I kept saying over and over again (slurring really). “I’m pretty. Tell me I’m pretty. I’m pretty right?”
    I’m laughing now because I think I was funny. He was not amused at all when he kept having to repeat that I was pretty.

    Do you have one Cathrina? (I almost called you Constantine and added Prah. I just read your review again- really good.

    1. Nana, I'm shame faced to even discuss my most embarrassing moment. Well here goes: I'm a young adolescent, skinny, and wearing a cutesy tube top. I'm tossing a softball back and forth with two nice guys at the park. I suddenly feel kinda breezy around the chest area. Can you guess what happened??? I nonchalantly pulled up my tube top like it really didn't matter, though, I wanted to die! I never discussed the matter with anyone or the two guys. And now I'm telling the world, hahahahaaaa

    2. Anyone else out in cyberspace who'd like to share their most embarrassing moment. I challenge YOU!!

    3. That made me gasp. I'm still laughing. Oh how embarrasing (and yet so funny). I could see it happening to Sadie too.