Thursday, February 4, 2016

Prah, Constantine, Baryeh Reviews #romance #love

We're Baaack!! 
Our review team had a much needed hiatus to celebrate the Holidays with our friends and families. 
For the Month of Love or February
we picked
The Game of Love
Melissa Foster

Ellie Parker is a master at building walls around her heart. In the twenty-five years she's been alive, Dex Remington has been the only person who has always believed in her and been there for her. But four years earlier, she came to Dex seeking comfort and then disappeared like a thief in the night, leaving him a broken man. 
Dex Remington is one of the top PC game developers in the United States. He's handsome, smart, and numb. So damn numb that he's not sure he'll ever find a reason to feel again. 
A chance encounter sparks intense desires in Ellie and Dex. Desires that make her want to run--and make him want to feel. A combination of lust and fear leads these young lovers down a dangerous path. Is it possible to cross a burned bridge, or are they destined to be apart forever?

Cathrina's Review

I was hooked at the very beginning in The Game of Love by the gorgeous and sexy Dex Remington. He's a good guy with a heart of gold and a body to match. 

In walks Ellie, Dex's one and only true love who'd vanished four years earlier, and he is instantly back to being her greatest supporter. Ellie had a rough upbringing. Her foster home experiences had damaged her, and she'd hardened her heart against love altogether. She was basically afraid of love.

The author, Melissa Foster brings us back in time, quite a bit, to give us much, and sometimes too much background. The story seemed to slow down in these sequences, and there's plenty of thinking going on. Perhaps I'm not a good judge for this romance novel due to the fact I enjoy a faster paced novel. However, you may feel differently.

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  1. Well said, Cathrina. My sentiments exactly.

  2. I agree with the plenty of thinking going on. This is my first Melissa Foster novel, though, and I think I liked it enough that I'd at least check out chapter one of the next book.

  3. That's a shame how the backstory caused the book to drag so much. Sounds like such an interesting romance otherwise!

  4. You and Nana's review ran along similar lines about the bog down of too much back story. The novel sounds like a good read though. I checked it out and since it was free downloaded right away.

  5. Like you, Fast paced stories are best. When the author spends a good fourth of the book building back story, I am snoring.

  6. Sounds like a great book with interesting, well-rounded characters.