Monday, June 1, 2015

Publishing Journey...

Much has been said about Indie, small press, self-published, and traditional published authors. And I'd like to contribute my take and my publishing journey, which some of you might already know. Boring right? Well here goes.

After years of revising and editing I'd completed writing a book. (really?) I thought it was ready. I sent queries and actually received a partial request from a big name agent from Writer's House. Needless to say, it was a pass, though, my query was good, but my book still needed work.

I'm going to make a long, long story short. I was ready to throw in the towel and then someone suggested I try a small press. And TA-DA!! I received 3 offers. 

Now I was still seeking an agent with another ms, and after many rejections I was ready to hand it over to my publisher at the small press when an offer came from an agent!!

YES!! I have or had an agent. 

After much revising and re-editing, my book went on submission. Then the waiting game begins all over again. There were full requests, although, after a year, my agent couldn't sell the book. And there it goes...
After my agent declined my next ms, which I won't go into the nitty -gritty details, that book is now ranking on Amazon. I haven't sent anything else to her.

Now I have 4 published books. 3 with a small press, and, it will be 2 with an indie press. I've actually considered self-pubbing, but still wavering on that project.

I believe in this day and age writer's are very lucky to have such fantastic means of getting books published. You don't have to have an agent to jump start your writing career. If you're stuck in the query trenches for years of rejections, try a popular indie, or small press. Also I suggest an editorial service and critique partners to fine-tune your writing before sending your book into the world. 

I'm learning and honing my craft each and every day. I still feel like a newbie, and cringe when I thumb through my books and find mistakes. I'm far from perfect, but trying to write stories that will take readers on a wonderful adventure...
Are you curious about the one book I had with the agent? Well, that book is close to my heart and I've yet to publish it. After considerable rewrites I'm thinking of taking it on the road again...


  1. Bummer she never found a home for it.
    I never even tried to query agents. I went straight to the small presses.
    Good luck when you are ready to submit it again.

  2. Great story. I have decided to bypass an agent as well. At my current age, if I want to get anything in print, I have to get it moving!

  3. Right now I'm really just focusing on short fiction. It's a much simpler market, I think, and much easier a skill to hone. There isn't a whole lot of money in it, but money isn't really my goal at the moment. If/when I do start writing novels, I think I'll go for the traditional/classic route and throw them in a trunk (possibly ripping short fiction pieces from their pages) if they've been rejected by all of the big markets. For me now, I'm not all that worried about being published in novel length. Then again, I may very well change my mind by the time I have a novel done.

  4. I hope you will send that book out again. I know I would love to read it! Your journey is very inspiring and I'm so glad your books have found the right homes. :)

  5. I'm hearing this story over and over again about agents vs. submitting without representation to small presses. Not to mention self-publishing. Seriously, I have a hard time understanding why anyone these days wants an agent, or wants to wait for years and years to MAYBE see their book sold by said agent to big publisher. It's a way of life that's quickly going out of favor with many writers.

  6. amazing, isn't the journey crazy?? And it's so super subjective! congrats on the successes and I hope the book of your heart gets pubbed! best of luck to you! :)

  7. I got burned badly by my indie press, and that got me thinking about going through a publishing house in general. In the end, I decided to self publish because the alternatives don't make economic sense to me any longer.

    Best of luck with finding a home for your book. :-)

  8. We are indeed blessed to live in a time when there are so many options. Whether one pursues the big house depends so much on whether it would be a fit that makes economic sense for THEM. In this economy, the big guys are very risk averse and seem to only want more of what are "sure things" with an existing market. WIshing you all the best as you decide whether your in-flux project is meant for that world or for another path.

  9. Thanks for sharing your story. I went the self-publishing route because I didn't want to wait through what could be years of rejections. I don't have that much time to spend in limbo. Good luck with your special project! Great quotes!

  10. Wow, an interesting journey. I'm searching for an agent at the moment. It's tough and soul destroying. But it's good to remember there are alternatives out there. Great post. Thank you.