Thursday, April 16, 2015

#AtoZ Letter N

The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

The song released in 1972, sung by 
Vicki Lawrence 

The Movie: Released in 1981:

Plot summary from Wiki:[edit]

A young singer and his sister/manager travel to Nashville in search of stardom. As they journey from one grimy hotel to another, it becomes increasingly obvious that only one of them has what it takes to become a star.
Travis Child (Quaid) is a country singer who had one hit song and then faded from the scene. His ambitious younger sister, Amanda (McNichol), is determined to get them to Nashville where Travis can once again become a star. Her plans are derailed by Travis's lack of ambition and easy distraction by women and booze.
The two are separated in one town and by the time they find each other in the next one, Travis has been arrested for public drunkenness. To pay the fine he takes a job bartending at a roadside tavern called Andy's, where he meets and falls for a young lady with a very jealous ex-boyfriend—who happens to be the deputy sheriff.


  1. I remember the song--loved it. Never saw the movie.


  2. When I see pictures of actors from this decade, I have to smile. So young!

  3. I used to like that song and didn't know it was related to a movie. Good info.

  4. That was a star studded cast at the time.

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  5. That was a great song....just heard it on the radio recently.

  6. Oh my, I remember that song. I didn't know Vicki Lawrence sang it, though. Don't remember the movie, though. I always liked Kristi McNichols. Good lineup of singers, especially Tammy Wynette :)

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  7. I remember this song. I was a little kid and it was on the radio constantly and I was kind of freaked out by it. I had no idea it was made into a movie though.

  8. Vicki Lawrence... Whoa. I honestly did not know she was the first one to sing that song. Yeah, I thought it was Reba. :) Great post!