Monday, February 24, 2014

If you are looking for something to do, here are a few suggestions:

 Do You Have a Goal?
You're more than welcome to join this Blog Hop. All you need to do is read and follow the guidelines.

1) Misha Gericke and Beth Fred will be co-hosts of this list.
2) If you do enter your link into the list, please be supportive of the other entrants.
3) Keep us up to date with how you're doing. Update Day is on the last Friday of every month. Even if you don't think you achieved much or anything, write a quick post to say so. We can't encourage if we don't know. 
4) When you enter your blog's address write your goal as the link title. For example, my link's title will be "earn $7500 per month." Not your name or your blog's. This is so we can keep track of who's doing what. AND it will serve as an easy indication of the fact that you're not the only crazy one.
5) Please please please spread the word! I know this is nuts, but I know a lot of people need encouragement, and making a decision and figuring out how to get there is half the battle...

Who else has a crazy goal? Press on Misha's name or the logo and it'll take you to the sight to learn more and join the Linky List!

This is a Gratitude Blog Hope Created by S.A. Larsen!
Press on her name or below to see the video and sign up!

  • S.A.Larsen would love you to join in with my blog hop scheduled to take place March 3rd to March 5th. All you need to do is watch the video she uploaded and share how watching it affected your attitude of gratitude. Tell us how you've changed and what you're grateful for. You can post any of those three days. You can still sign up HERE.

Starting April 1, 2014 is the Great A to Z Challenge created by Arlee Bird! Press HERE to be directed to the site to learn more and to sign your name to the list!


  1. I'm so glad I joined Misha's hop, it's really helped me get more organized about my goals. All great hops!

  2. My Goals are to keep my head above water!

  3. Signed up for the Gratitude blogfest!
    And my goal is to finish my first draft in the next week or two.

  4. Many great bloghops are coming up!
    My goal is to keep writing, finish a manuscript so I can start querying, and work on another.

  5. I have but one goal--get my computer to work. I'm so fed up with having to work on my small-screened laptop to do anything I'm about to go mad. I'm not able to join anything until I sort out this mess! Good luck on those goals, everyone.

  6. Wow, so many blog hops! A-to-Z is tempting, but I think I'd just get overwhelmed if I signed up for that, heh.