Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blogger Book Fair Guest Author: Kyra Dune

Here are a few interview questions which Kyra was happy to answer for me. 
Get to know Kyra Dune:

How much of You is in the stories you write?

When I write, I pour my heart and soul into creating worlds and characters that I hope other people will love as much as I do. I can’t help but leave little bits and pieces of myself scattered throughout my books.

From start to finish, how long until you complete a manuscript?

My average is ten months.

Do you find the editing and revision tedious? Or does it make you thrive?

I love revisions. The first draft is so hard because I'm basically creating an entire world out of nothing. It's a slow and sometimes frustrating process. But once I get past the first draft and move on to the second and third, it's much better. I know the story, I know the characters, I know what's going to happen and how it all has to come together. Editing is not so fun. But it's part of the process, so I have to drag myself through it.

What is your inspiration?

I think inspiration comes from that dark place in my subconscious where every moment of my life is stored away. Everything I see, hear, or experience influences the stories I tell.

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment?

I've wanted to be a published author since I was a kid. I think turning that dream into a reality is a pretty great accomplishment.

What's next in your life?

Lots of writing. I still have plenty of stories to tell.

Kyra Dune's Bio:
Kyra Dune was born in Oklahoma, but spent most of her life 
travelling with her family. She is the author of half a dozen novels, including: Shadow of the Dragon, Elfblood, and Flight Of Dragons. As a little girl, her favorite books were those that told of ordinary children who traveled to magical worlds. She’s yet to find her own magic wardrobe or rabbit hole, but she hasn’t given up the search. You never know what might be waiting over the next rainbow.

Time of Shadows: Shadow Born Blurb:
Daemon uth Friesard finds himself forced into marriage with a stranger in order to stop a war between their kingdoms. There is nothing he wants more than to make a marriage, and a family, work with his new bride. But a beautiful minstrel may prove too much a temptation.
 Clayden Kiel is confident a marriage between his king and the 
princess of a neighboring kingdom is the surest way to prevent a war. As time passes, the revelation of prophetic dreams causes him to suspect he has prevented one war, only to bring about another. Clayden must seek to find a way to avoid such a thing. But will his actions stop the war, or cause it?

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  1. Very nice interview, Cathrina! So glad you shared it with us. You did a great job.

  2. Cathrina, I nominated you for a blogging award so please stop by to find out more.

  3. Great interview! It's nice to meet Kyra and learn about her work. Congrats on your book, Kyra!

  4. Thank you Cathrina for having me on your blog.