Monday, January 28, 2013

What Am I Doing??

I sit here procrastinating, a terrible quality of mine. My WIP (work in progress) for the sequel to Wickedly They Come is roughly three quarters of the way complete. However, my first edits for my debut have yet to arrive on the scene, and I'm extremely daunted with the prospect of reading and working over my mistakes. And then, I have this writers blog, and, not yet officially an author - I wonder - what am I doing? Whoever thought I could or would become an author? No one.

I need to come up with a promotion plan for the novel, and again, I don't know what I'm doing? Then I think about the imminent book reviews! OMG! What if my book is in the hate or subjective category? See how my mind flips - over and over it goes!

As I sit here playing around with this new blog, I'd like you to enjoy some of my fellow author's reviews and whatnots. Their links are below:


  1. I can certainly relate to your feelings! I have no clue about promotion and feel like I am just kind of making it up as I go alone. It seems like lots of writers struggle with this! I try to remind myself how exciting it is that I actually have something to promote, but it still makes me nervous.

    Thanks for sharing the links, I always love discovering new books and authors. :)

    1. Thanks for your comment, Julie. Looking forward to your book release on Feb. 7th!!

  2. Have confidence in yourself Constantine. All of the writers you posted reviews for (which I think is genius of you) were all in the same boat as you at one point. Claim that you are writer and you will be (It's a fun thing to do)