Wednesday, May 6, 2020

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Alex's awesome co-hosts for May 6 are Feather Stone, Beverly Stowe McClure, Mary Aalgaard, Kim Lajevardi, and Chemist Ken!

May 6th question: Do you have any rituals that you use when you need help getting into the zone? 
Care to Share?

I never thought I had an actual ritual, but this question gave me pause. Because I find myself doing exactly that. While I drink coffee in the morning, in the afternoon when I find time to add words to my story, I make a hot cup of tea. If I have cookies, I grab a couple. I find my spot on the end of the couch, or recliner, and settle in. This is normally my best time to write. Lately, I haven't been able to sleep and find myself writing until one or two in the morning. (Sleeplessness might be caused by the pandemic. I'm not positive) 

However, that ritual changes during the warm summer months. I make sure I enjoy the pleasant weather and occupy a comfy chair underneath our awning and write. The hot tea is replaced by ice tea...LOL. But not the cookies 😊

But then comes the difficult part. I can't just sit down and start writing. I read through the previous scenes, trying to figure out where my characters had been taking me. This can sometimes take up to an hour of going over the manuscript. Some days, I merely edit what I'd written, and other days, my characters begin to act, and I follow their lead. 

Do you have any writing rituals??


  1. I usually have to go back and reread previous scenes as well, unless the inspiration is so strong that I know exactly what I have to do next.

  2. I love the second quote about going for inspiration with a club. And it sounds like you have great rituals. Even if you are mostly editing, you are getting work done. I usually start out by reading a bit of what I wrote to get into the groove of writing.

  3. I, too, reread a few pages of what I've written to get back into the story. Editing is working, too. Love the Jack London quote. Where's my club???

  4. Yes! Your last paragraph . . . that's what I do. I've found if I decide at the end of one writing session where my character is going for my next writing session then I don't have to do this as much. This speeds up my writing process when I can accomplish it.

  5. I think sleeplessness is widespread during this lock down. I think I need some cookies now that you mention it!

  6. I like the way you answered this question. I usually read the last page or two to remind myself of what my characters are up to, as well. It really helps me keep things going.
    I'm sorry you are struggling with sleeplessness. I had some of that for a while, too. I think we are all going through stages of lockdown grief and worry - maybe I am generalizing too much, but it seems like it.

  7. That comfy spot to sit and tea is good for me too! I do like the cookies as well :)

  8. I occasionally feel the need to reread previous scenes or chapters to pick up the thread or the feel of the story. I'm doing one right now, actually, but I don't know if it's actually helping anyway.

    I'm an insomniac anyway, but even I find it's worse these days.

    You can't go wrong with having cookies on hand.

  9. Just do whatever your muse tells you to do. If editing is the only thing that works, go for it. You'll have to do it sometime. Might as well do it now.

    I'd go for the cookies if I didn't think I'd simply eat them all in one sitting. :)

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  11. Tea without cookies is uncivilized. And I'm in the camp that the pandemic is causing waaaaay too much sleeplessness.

  12. I do a lot of what you do. Read, think, revise and with luck a bit of writing. :-)

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  13. Comfy couches are the best for writing!!!

    I love that quote from Jack London. I often use it as a reminder.

  14. I usually need to go over what I've previously written too, but I also have a post-session ritual of making a short note of what I want to write the next time I have a chance to sit down. And cookies. Boy do I enjoy cookies. :)

    1. I write notes also, if I know what is going to happen next. Cookies are a must.

  15. Oh good, it's not just me. I also go back and read what I'd previously written. I have a lot of days where I'm just editing. I love the coffee, tea, and cookies motivation, too. ;)