Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Join Alex J. Cavanaugh and a multitude of writer's in this monthly hop to help support one another!

Purpose: To share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds!

Alex's awesome co-hosts are Erika Beebe, Sandra Hoover, Susan Gourley, and Lee Lowery!

What pitfalls would you warn other writer's to avoid on their publishing journey?

If you're self-publishing, never release your book without getting a professional editor. Typos, repetitive words, and scenes can be avoided by employing an editing service. 

Always have beta readers or a critique group help guide you through the pitfalls in your manuscript. After writing and editing your own work, you'd be amazed how many blunders that can escape you.

If you plan to query for an agent, make sure your query letter is topnotch with an obvious hook. And make sure it's typo free and professional. There are numerous sites on how to compose a good query letter. Also, have another writer or editor read it. Others may find where the letter needs improvement. After querying with the same letter without feedback or requests, change it up. 

Learn how to market your book. (I'm still learning) Before publishing have plan in place. Get advanced reviews. Send out ARC's (Advanced Reader Copy)


  1. Lots of great advice! Query letters have always been a bane for me, so yes, I agree, having someone else look over one can be quite helpful, for sure!

  2. All great tips. I feel like I'm still learning with every part of the process LOL. Probably always will be.
    Love that Bradbury quote!

  3. Get editing help for every step of the process!

  4. So true that you need to have your work critiqued and edited before you send it out into the world.

  5. I can't imagine publishing a book without beta readers and an editor - they're an invaluable part of the process.

    I saw on Crystal Collier's blog that you're the winner of a copy of Murder at the Marina. I wasn't able to find your email address on your site here, so if you could send me an email at ellenjacobsonauthor (at) gmail (dot) com, I'll send through a link so that you can download a copy.

    Cheers - Ellen

  6. Critique partners are invaluable and editing is definitely a must!

  7. I found that once you find a couple of critique partners you trust, and editors that do a good job (I went thru 2 mediocre editors before arriving at the group I use now) the whole writing/publishing process becomes easier.

    The marketing and promotion aspect of indie publishing is the killer for me. This is the part I would hire out if there were people out there that did just that for Indie Authors.