Friday, April 27, 2018

#CTST Celebrate the Small Things

Celebrate the Small Things

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This week I'm definitely celebrating warmer weather!! The temperature went wild on Wednesday, going over 60 degrees. I had a picnic with my grand babies in the back yard and we played outside. Seeing sunny days and breathing in fresh springtime breezes makes a person feel alive!

This weather is a day to day thingy. Rainy, overcast, and chilly most days, but I can see sunlight at the end of it all....

I'm looking forward to puttering in my gardens, which needs so much tender loving care, you can't imagine! 

Have a pleasant weekend!!


  1. We are sin Galicia, Spain at the moment, and they are having the same touch and go weather: cool, windy one day, sunny & sort of warm the next, rain the next. But then, my neighbor who watches our house in Sacramento says the same thing. The weather is unpredictable everywhere.

  2. A picnic in the back yard with your grandchildren sounds wonderful! That's good quality time. Congrats on the nice weather. Our weather is between hot and cold. Wind is cold, sun is hot. Yesterday I wore shorts and a sweatshirt. I had to wear shorts because I skinned my knees, but my son said, in a roundabout way, that I looked ridiculous. lol

  3. The picnic sounds wonderful! We've suddenly warmed up more too. But while I'm still snuggled in a sweater, my kids convinced me to set up the pool this last weekend. The truth probably is somewhere in between :)

  4. Ahh, spring...which I'm sure will quickly go right into blistering summer around here. I've got the mulchers coming next week---can't wait to watch them work in my yard, haha. But I actually do look forward to my weekly weeding - so therapeutic.