Friday, June 30, 2017


Celebrate the Small Things

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This week I went to the zoo with my babies.

It was a perfect day!!!

With the start of a new story, I'm trying to reach my goal of 1k - 2k a day. In between everyday life and activities, I have been lucky to write a little over 1k each day. I'm happy with that. Today, my WIP is sitting pretty at 9k. Hoping I can keep it up!

Have a spectacular 4th of July Weekend!!!


  1. Zoo is always fun.
    Thousand words a day is still great. Keep at it.
    Have a great Fourth of July!

  2. Good work on the word count, hope you manage to stick to your goals.
    Looks like a great day out at the zoo.

  3. Aww, what cute pictures! Glad you had such a fun day. Happy 4th!!

  4. Zoos are so much fun. Way to go on the writing! And good luck with keeping it up.

  5. Those are great things to cheer about Cathrina! You should be so proud. Have a great weekend.

  6. 1K a day is a good amount. Good luck keeping up with it!

  7. It looks like you guys had a very nice time! Congrats on keeping up with that 1k - impressive.

  8. Yay to 1K a day!!! I do think that's the way to do things. Find a manageable number and stick with it, even if it's smaller than 1k.

  9. Lovely babies! And you must have had a great zoo day. Congrats on all those words, too.