Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pitch Contests #PitchContests

Pitch Contests

Have you ever entered a Pitch Contest on Twitter or elsewhere? Do you have a completed manuscript that is polished and unpublished? 

A Pitch Contest and/or Elevator Pitch are quite similar. On Twitter you have to use 140 characters to grab the interest of an agent or/and publisher.

I never thought this type of contest would interest me. But after writing my first pitch and getting up the nerve to post it on Twitter, I realized it was fun, and interesting to read other pitches. 

What is #PitMad . . . ?

You can check out more information on Brenda Drake's site. There are also many other contests such as #PitchMadness, #PitDark, #PitchWars. But, the next #PitMad contest is happening on June 8th.                           

Here is the Twitter site for the upcoming #PitMad: 

Sometimes even Literary Agencies will conduct their own Pitch Contests. I love the Insecure Writer's Support Group #IWSG. And they have organized their very first Twitter Pitch Party. Here's the info: 

IWSG very first Twitter pitch event, #IWSGPit, is on July 27. We have a lineup of publishers and agents who will be tuning in that day and more are added every week. See the site for details and start working on your Twitter pitch. 

What happens during a Pitch Contest on Twitter: If an agent and/or a publisher 💜 Hearts your pitch you would follow their advice as how to submit to them. It's not a guarantee that your ms will be contracted, but apparently your wonderful pitch drew them in. 

Here is some advice that I've learned about writing your pitch:

Make the stakes obvious. Try following this framework: “When [MAIN CHARACTER] is [OBSTACLE], he/she must [DO SOMETHING] or else [CONSEQUENCE]. #PitMad [GENRE]”

Here is one of my Pitches: (remember you have to change it up each time your tweet)

Light&Dark Collide. In order to defeat her fears, Rogan must become the darkness, or die trying. Angel.Witch.Demon.AChoice #PitMad #YA #F


  1. Let me try: Is darkness worse than death? If Rogan can't defeat her fears, she's going to find out.

    Pitch contests are a great way to potentially find someone interested in supporting your writing plans for the future. Never took part in one but have looked at them through the years and read both success stories and those of failure (most still push on). Go for it Cat!

  2. Never entered a pitch contest myself, but I'm still well aware of 'em, thanks to Twitter. Really love the pitch you shared here. So intrigued by what becoming the darkness could entail for Rogan!

  3. I want to enter the IWSG twitter pitch, but I just started tweeting yesterday. Thanks for the example! That helps a lot.

  4. I always enjoy reading what others write in these contests!

  5. I'm a Pitch Wars mentor this year, so I definitely will be learning more about these pitch contests...from the other side of things, I guess!