Monday, November 23, 2015


Since I'll be quite busy preparing for the upcoming celebration, I'm posting this a bit early.

Our family gathers for a big thanksgiving meal complete with a mammoth turkey, stuffing, and the tradition fixings such as homemade cranberry relish, sweet potatoes, apple pies, and pumpkin pies. 

We say grace and dig in and stuff our bellies until we can't move. There's plenty of conversation, laughing, giggling, and the clatter of forks and knives scraping the plates. It's a great sound!!

 After most of the dishes are cleaned desserts are served for round two.

The boys normally hit the television to watch sports and the kids and ladies play games. Sometimes the boys join us.

I'm Truly Thankful for All of God's Grace and Blessings. 

Do you have any family traditions that you celebrate for Thanksgiving? Please Share.


  1. Oyster dressing is demanded by my husband and my son in law. They love the little slippery things. I cook them, but don't eat any!

    1. Never had oyster dressing. Slippery doesn't do it for me either...

  2. Amen!
    Long as I have turkey, stuffing, and football, I'm happy.

  3. There's the casserole made from leftovers. It's quite tasty.

  4. I just found out we'll be having 11 people instead of yikes! We're getting the turkey and ham from a barbecue place, that part's easy. I'm making sweet potato casserole and homemade cranberry sauce...and my mom is bringing some dressing she's picking up at Cracker Barrel. It's a mostly to-go Thanksgiving, I guess!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! We have a small gathering of just those who live in the house (3 adults, 2 kids). Usually we play a movie and lounge about. Very relaxed, and very nice. :)

  6. I remember those large gatherings. Those are special times. Happy Thanksgiving!