Monday, November 10, 2014

Constantine Reviews: The Turnagain Arm by Julie Flanders

The Turnagain Arm by Julie Flanders

A prequel to the paranormal thriller Polar Night. 

Locomotive wheels screech to a halt. Potters Creek, Alaska is nothing more than a small camp set up alongside the tracks. A weathered sign dominates the scene. 

The Turnagain Arm Saloon 

Only one passenger remains and exits. 

The early afternoon full moon peaks through a shimmering snow fall as a shadow casts over each split rail. The wind howls, sweeping the cloak of a hooded figure. He follows the tracks toward the distant saloon. A hulking man crunches through the snow, attracting his attention. 

Calling out to him in a foreign accent, the townsman stops in mid step. The stranger catches up and engages him. 


The man disappears under the stranger’s cloak. 

Blood drips from his lips, and he wipes the remaining trickles from his mouth. After disposing of the body, the mysterious figure continues on his journey. He glides through the snow as if on a sleigh, leaving no footprints behind. 

My Review:

The Turnagain Arm is a spine-tingling, fantastic prequel by 

author, Julie Flanders. Once I began to read The Turnagain 

Arm there was no way I could put it down until I reached the 

final page.The Turnagain Arm is the prequel to Polar Night 

and I like the way the author adds history and facts to her 

stories. Ms. Flanders has proven herself again to capture her 

readers with a riveting story. Her writing is strong and 

powerful like her main character, Aleksei, and I was chilled to 

the bone and loved every minute of The Turnagain Arm!

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  1. She's going to be very happy with that review!

  2. Oh, I love to get my history via fiction so I'm extra looking forward to this story now. Thanks for the review.

  3. What a great surprise! Thanks for this, Cathy! I really appreciate it. *hugs*

  4. Congratulations to Julie on the release of her book.

  5. Love that cover!!! I totally need to read Julie's work. <3

  6. Congrats to Julie. It sounds like such a great book!

  7. I wasn't aware this was a prequel. Most intrigued I am! :)

  8. Wahoo! I've got Polar Night loaded on my kindle and waiting, and I'm sure I'll be around to grab this one just as soon as I've finished reading it. Yay!

    Unleashing the Dreamworld

  9. It sounds like another really good book by Julie! And that baby is way too cute!

  10. Great review. I'm looking forward to reading.

  11. This is at the top of my list, when I get the time! I can't wait - the reviews are all so good :-)

  12. I love that photo, but it sounds like you might not want to get off that train!