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Book Blurb:
Going off Dreams follows Eryn as she is questioning her sanity. Her dreams are too vivid and seem so real. Within the different realms she visits, Eryn meets great new allies and dangerous enemies. As she dives deeper she starts to learn more of her abilities and is assigned her quest. Quickly she learns that her perception of reality is but a pin-drop within her existence. Throughout her adventures Eryn must also find time to contend with the trials and tribulations of life with her family. Immerse yourself into the mythical and magical realms, experience adventure within reality and dreams. The tag line for Going off Dreams: Invest in the quest!

How long have you been writing?
I've been writing since I was in High School. I wrote poems and such, but never published anything (I don't even know where they are anymore). I do remember writing one poem for my closest friend - she framed it - I'll have to ask her if she still has it! I began writing the first draft in 2009 for Going off Dreams. Life gave me some challenges and finally in 2012 I self-published the first edition. 
What have you learned about your writing experience?
I have learned A LOT since I initially started. First and foremost, don't be in a rush to get your work published. Take the time to edit, have it professionally edited, and work with a qualified artist for your covers (they matter). Writing comes naturally for me, when I start typing the story just flows. The most difficult process for me is editing and funding.
Tell us about your writing journey.
In the beginning I was probably more  resistant to writing, just because my mother said it's what I should do (yes, I'm stubborn). Finally, I began writing after my mother's billionth plead to do so. I use to write when I was younger and it was an outlet to what was bottled up inside me or what I needed to get off my chest. This has proven throughout my life as well... I get my points across better when I write things out. During tough times in my life I even keep prayer journals that have helped me. Since I started writing the series, it's taken on a life of its own. I wrote the first draft and thought it was too long, so I ended the first book Going off Dreams where I thought it would lead into the next book For All In the Hopes... which there will be two more with working titles. I even began writing stories about other characters within the realms, I started Arduinnian: Guardians of the Forests, If it all works out, I plan to keep writing more. 
Right now I am stuck with the funding though (for editing and cover services). I have attempted to do Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns before with no results. 
What are your near future goals?
My short term goals are to finish editing the second book For All In the Hope. 
Complete the professional editing process to go through another round of edits as well as a obtaining a great cover.
Where do you get your inspiration?
The original beginning scene of Going off Dreams actually did come to me in a dream. It kept reoccuring, so my mother said that I should just write it out. The original draft contained more of my personal life. Now, it contains very little of my personal life. I did a lot of research with mythology and have studied the Bible, so it was fun writing about the different aspects and details. I loved doing the research about different myths and creating the names for the different characters. I love the characters and they are probably my biggest inspirations. I also get a big bolt of inspiration when I get positive feed back too.
Where is your favorite writing spot?
Writing the first draft, It was an old Dell laptop on a fold out tray, and I was sitting on my couch. Not much has changed. Now I usually kick-back in a recliner and have the laptop on my lap as I rythmically type away on the keyboard trying to convey the story, the scenery, senses, and overall experience.
What advice can you give to aspiring writers?
Don't give up! Write what you would want to read and don't bend or erase what you think other's won't like or agree with. Keep true to your writing and keep true to the story you want to tell. Also, I learned a lot through blogging (I'm still learning) and I've connected with a lot of people. I would (if they haven't already) begin a blog and invite people to sample some of your writing to get their feedback (also known as BETA readers) and this way you are also building your audience and compiling your street team (people that will help you promote your work).
What do you find the most difficult in the writing process?
EDITING - no doubt about it. When I'm writing I think it's awesome and can't wait for people to read it and love it as much as I do. Then, when I go back and start editing I question myself and I have never gotten along well with grammar... so, I'm always wondering what I'm doing wrong grammatically. As a 'writer' or author, I don't want to seem unprofessional. Especially since my first published edition of Going off Dreams the very first work was spelled wrong... so it's only suppose to get better from here - right?

About The Author
Born and raised in the Land of Mary, I have deep rooted morals, and very faithful in my beliefs. Some might still consider me to be young, yet I have experienced a lot in my life. There is a Chinese Proverb that says through great pain comes great knowledge, I have found this to be true. One of the main life lessons that I think more people need to understand is the power of positivism. Another saying, I believe it is from Abraham Lincoln is that if you look for the bad in people, you will surely find it. So, look for the good - much like Pollyanna (1960) and play the "glad game".
After years and years of my mother telling me that I should use my talents and write, I finally listened. I am a Taurus and characteristically stubborn. Several years ago I began my writing career having started composing my first draft. In 2012, through the magic of self-publishing, my first book was set-free! I also blog, just about every day, as I created and write in several blogs. 
My career training has mainly been with behavior management in the Special Education field. I started volunteering when I was 14, worked within a special needs school until the birth of my son in 2002, my son has special needs, and I am more of a consultant now.
Associates of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix. Originally, I wanted to help families with the challenges in life when we are caregivers for individuals with special needs. Coming from both sides of the spectrum, having both worked in the field and as a parent of a special needs child, I believe that I would be the ideal advocate for families.
Self-published Author Going off Dreams February 2013 

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  1. Lovely cover, it's sparkly! =) Best wishes to K. E. in all her writing endeavors!

  2. Hope you get your funding soon. I enjoy editing but hate first drafts - want to trade?
    Congratulations, Kristy.

  3. Great to meet you Kristy and here's hoping that funding comes through soon.

  4. Not rushing and taking the time to edit is the best thing to learn (especially early on).

    1. Agreed! That's what I'm battling with now... do I go ahead and publish what I've written... or do I wait longer to get the money for professional editing and such (??)

  5. Awesome. I echo that sentiment about taking your time and using professionals to get a great product on the market.

    I'm the total opposite. I LOVE editing and find drafting can be wearying. Maybe I just need a writing partner who drafts, and then I can edit. =)

    1. This is what I'm starting to wonder too ... forming a writing partnership. Brilliant!

  6. All the best Kristy.... it looks like your plan is smart, taking time, professional edits and covers, ALL good things for a successful book! Good luck!

    Hi, Cathrina... hope all is well!

    1. Hi, Michael, all's well here. Hope you're fine as well!

    2. Thank you Michael. It is more difficult holding onto a story that you want to release! :D