Thursday, November 7, 2013

Resurrection Blogfest II

Thanks to Mina Lobo for this Resurrection Blogfest II! Every blogger has to Resurrection a post somewhere between November 12, 2012-November 13, 2013. I started blogging on January 12, 2013, and I had to laugh when I went back to look at it. And how far I've come since writing those first words. I remember being so hesitate, and wondered what in the world should I write. I've gained some confidence since then.

Here is my very first post from January 12, 2013:

Hello, I'm Cathrina Constantine. 

And I've flipped my world upside down by becoming a writer and soon a published author. My debut novel, Wickedly They Come, will be released by Black Opal Books in 2013. 

For me, this didn't come easy. As a matter of fact, my story began years ago, and has endured considerable transformations. 

When I sat down at my son's desk with pen and paper and started scribbling a story, my family laughed, wondering what I was doing. I am a wife, a mother, and my life revolves around my family and friends. 

It took a while, and through light-hearted heckling from my family and with determination, I've reached for the stars and I'm holding on to a dream!

(Looks like that dream is coming true!!)

You can link back to the original post here.


  1. Your dream came true, Cathrina and we're all so happy it did. Wickedly They Come was a great read and I'm looking forward to your upcoming works ;)

  2. And just look at you now :) What a great post for Resurrection Blogfest!

  3. Aw, so cool to see your very first blog post ever! Glad to see your dream is coming true. :)

  4. It's always good to realize a long-deferred dream. Best of luck to you in your career as a published writer.

  5. So much awesome determination in one post!

  6. And I'm sure it's been an amazing journey since that time!
    Your first post was much better than mine...

  7. The best part of the journey is not the destination, but the journey itself. I hope that sounds profound.
    If not...pull my finger?

  8. Quite honestly, I liked it. I think it was a very good post! Very honest and heart felt.

  9. Great post, Cathrina! We share a lot in common. Wife, mom, writer. Here's to us! lol!

    My first post was about pop culture passing me by and how I didn't care, even when magazines in the grocery store check out line silently screamed at me. Your first post was much classier than mine! lol!

  10. It's always interesting to read through the first blog posts others have done. They're always a tad uncertain, and mine is no exception to that. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Great post!
    It's good to remember where you've come from.

  12. Cathrina, I love this post! It's simple, heartfelt, and inspiring. And I'm so glad you decided to share with us the beginnings of a dream. Thanks for joining in my 'hop!

    1. Here's to us, Ava!

      Yes, first blogs are very uncertain, thanks LG

      Thanks, David, I'm not going far from where I've come from that's for sure...

      Thank you Mina for have the resurrection blogfest.

  13. Ah, we've all been there. WE all remember those first steps. And we all remember the scrutiny from those when you first tell them your dreams. The important thing is to not give up :)

  14. Great choice! Makes me want to go back and look at my first post to see what I said.

    The Warrior Muse

  15. What a lovely post to resurrect, Catharina! I think it's good to look back to the beginning and to remind yourself how far you've travelled... and that dreams can come true! :)

  16. Just dropping in and found this post. I found a love in writing many years ago in Junior High. No matter what direction life has pushed, pulled and yanked me my heart always comes back to writing. Even if I get nothing published in this lifetime when I am gone my family will find some entertaining scribbling, notes and writings! Enjoyed reading your post.