Monday, January 14, 2013

It's all about ME!

If you've visited my website, you know I was born, raised, and live in Western New York. I can drive thirty minutes south to arrive at one of the most picturesque parks in New York.  I can also drive twenty minutes north and arrive in the city, where theater and art comes alive, not to mention the serene view of Lake Erie as one strolls alone the waterfront. I have the best of both worlds. Have I mentioned the scenic four seasons? My favorite is autumn. Vibrant startling hues to fill the senses.

Okay, back to me:

In high school, I hung with a group of popular girls or 'hard chicks' which classmates tended to call them. However, I never actually felt popular, I was the one standing in the back. Only until recently, an old classmate stated, "You had it made. You were one of the popular kids." I never, never felt that way, I wish I'd known. Oh, well. By my junior year, I was done with school and graduated a year early. College wasn't mentioned in our household, so needless to say, by age 17, I was working at a local bank.

When I turned eighteen, I went wild; the party life, and dancing till dawn. Loads of fun. Then I met the man of my dreams, and the rest is history...Five children later, we're still going strong.

I forgot to mention my exploits as a young girl, composing plays and getting lost in writing magical stories. Well into adulthood, I'd scripted various short stories, and submitted them to magazines. Books have been, and always will be, a part of me and my family. I love reading different genres, I love the feel of books, I love the smell of books, and the library is my toy store.

Now...I've written a young adult crossover to adult novel titled, Wickedly They Come
Black Opal Books will publish and release my book in 2013!! I still can't believe it! Dream big and reach for the stars!


  1. Hi Cathrina- nice blog and great post. I just started blogging in September and wasn't sure about it. But I love it! It does suck some writing time away but it's a good way to get your name out there, I think, and meet new people. Good luck with it and your book. A lot of cool things happening to you, it's very exciting.

    I grew up in NY too. Along the Hudson River only a few miles north of NYC, but the Hudson Valley is beautiful all year round. I'm partial to fall as well.


  2. Congratulations on accomplishing your dream Cathrina, it's a big deal. I grew up in Albany, NY and I do not miss the neck high snow (slight exaggeration but only for some years). Looking forward to seeing your book come out in 2013.

  3. Catrina, nice site. Vivid :) And I love your blog. It's so along the lines of a YA I'm in the planning stages of, and set in upstate New York.
    I've been blogging for about a year, hate the time it takes from my writing, but it's good to build a platform early.
    Looking forward to your book.